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2013-05-29 14:13
Rina Loder
Site Issues:
Can I use a photo Belgium ID card instead of passport as ID?
2015-02-11 21:15
Anna DÄ…browska
Mam problem z logowaniem. System nie rozpoznaje adresu mailowego, ktorego uzywalam w maju zeszlego roku podczas rejestracji. Co moglo sie stac?
2015-03-09 16:49
How do I get a report of the credit card transactions that have been made to the account?
2015-04-17 15:05
Site Issues:
I am coming from overseas and am filling in the online form for my DBS check. When I am on the Address section I have entered my current address as Care of my agency so the certificate is sent to them, and therefore I cannot fill in the "At this address since" box. I cannot submit my application without completing this section, what would I be required to enter in this box as my "At this address since" date?
2015-05-21 13:06
Sally Norman
Site Issues:
My applicant has a UK passport valid from 09.05.05 - 09.02.16 the online form will not accept this.
2015-06-09 11:42
Site Issues:
I have cancelled an application as I need to update the addresses. Can I now start a new application?
2015-06-16 15:34
Site Issues:
why I cant log in???? every time i enter my email address and password it says my email is not recognisable. there must be somethings wrong
2015-06-28 14:42
Susan pettitt England
My daughter has to complete her dbs for nursing around 3 when it all went through officially does she have to put her birth name on form as well thank you
2015-07-07 11:33
teresa mclaughlin
Site Issues:
Please advise where the form is re finger printing agreement
2015-07-14 16:17
Kerry Thomas
Could you tell me please, whether DBS checks for voluntary workers are free of charge?
2015-09-29 13:39
Tripta Passan
Site Issues:
Trying to submit a volunteer's application who has a UK passport in date- website is not accepting issue date of 25/07/2005.
2015-11-16 11:23
Kelly Hall
Site Issues:
I am unable to select the country of Kosovo as it does not appear in the drop down list of countries. Please can you help me as i need to get this application processed. Thanks.
2015-12-14 13:26
Giulia Samonati
I have been trying to get hold of someone for weeks to talk us through setting up an account. Noone is answering emails or phone calls. We need to process over 200 DBSs in the next month, I would appreciate it if someone could contact me as soon as possible with help on the financial side of purchase ordering and invoicing. 01273 667752

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