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My DBS is delayed, what can I do?


When the DBS check is submitted, the DBS make primary checks and then
send the details to the relevant police authorities. They may come
across a query at this stage.


The police can take some time depending upon the role, such as, carer
where other members of the family may pose a risk to their job - e.g.
violence or drugs.  They may also be making a decision with regard to
the new filtering rules.


It may also be that there is a 'match' or other details re required for
confirmation or there is relevant information that needs to be assessed.


No-one can speed up the process, it is in the hands of the police. The
system automatically chases the DBS case management team if it goes over
60 days and you are notified at every critical point according to DBS
time-scales - 10 & 28 days.


The DBS are not able to provide any information about particular delays as the information is confidential.


Escalations can be carried out on the system when the ESCALATION button
is available from the status link. The police can retain the application
for up to 60 days and during that time they can send it back and forth
to the DBS for further queries/clarification. Each time the police have
the application returned, the 60 days starts again.


Only when that button is present can the escalation procedure begin and,
of course, we are in constant contact with the DBS, as per the activity
log, and the DBS also carry out their internal chasing every 10 days.


The applicant can call the DBS at any time - 03000 200190

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