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The new DBS Online Update service gives agencies and individual choices.


The purpose is that individuals have complete control of their personal information and they will decide who can see any information.


1. Agencies and individuals can choose to:

Carry out an new DBS check as normal and just renew whenever appropriate, e.g. every 3 years.




Carry out a new DBS check on or after 17th June 2013 and ALSO join the update scheme.

They have 2 weeks from the date of issue of the certificate to join the scheme and pay, currently, £13.00 per annum.


The applicant is also notified by the DBS when they receive their certificate - an explanatory letter is included with the certificate.


The applicant MUST retain their ORIGINAL DBS Certificate or the update service is void. The new employer MUST see the original, by law, in order to view what has or has not been updated. There would be no point is simply seeing NO UPDATES if the original certificate displays child offences/relevant information and was being placed in a school.


The number alone is insufficient, as are photocopies. If the certificate is lost, the applicant must start the entire process again. All fees are lost.


The applicant will be given a login to the DBS portal and then give consent to the new employer to view the screen.


If it states THERE ARE UPDATES, the applicant must apply for a new DBS Certificate as any information will not be visible.


The applicant can give consent to a new employer at any time and they are also able to view who has been looking at their file.



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