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DBS online updating, can the employer pay?

The online updating service applies to DBS application on or after 17th June 2013.


Any applications prior to that date will not be inluded in the scheme.


Applicants will receive a notification and instructions along with ther DBS Disclosure certificate asking if they want to join the DBS online updating service. They have 2 weeks from the date of issue to join the scheme or it will be rejected.


Only the applicant can join and pay for the updates, currently set at £13.00 per annum. Their bank details are required as further proof of identity and for any recurring/annual payments.


Agencies/employers cannot pay for applicants - it is solely the individual's responsibility.


Agencies may choose whether to reimburse employees in thair salary.

2013-05-24 16:18 Jackie Thompson {writeRevision}
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