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DBS applications must be made in the applicant's current legal name. Even if (she) calls herself 'Fluffy' - Fiona will be her legal name - nicknames cannot be used.


If a female has been legally divorced, her current legal name may now be AMANDA JANE JONES (maiden name), previously SMITH, but her documents may still be in the name of SMITH.


In such cases, JONES is the current legal surname and the previous name of SMITH needs to be input into the PREVIOUS NAMES section - i.e  JONES - SMITH - CURRENT NAME JONES which does not need to be input again

 in previous names.


Provided the applicant supplies documenats supporting the name changes and they are all included on the applicationh, the DBS/Police will check all names.

2015-02-04 13:02 Jackie Thompson {writeRevision}
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