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Using the PASSPORT SCAN facility enables full authentication of passports, driving licences and ID cards from any country.


Civil & Corporate Security Ltd is the fist to fully integrate such a powerful, essential instrument to the vetting process of every recruitment company.


This is not a simple algorithm as other organisations perform - it is a full border control agency check, covering the products used within the scanned document and any underlying features that may be fraudulent or of dubious origin.


The scan, or photo, must be full colour and of good quality (high resolution), not a photocopy or black and white or it will not function properly and funds will be lost.


Your result will normally be within 15 minutes but this may take longer, depending upon the degree of validation required.


When the result has been uploaded, simply press the tick along the applicant's line and it will open as a PDF containing all the information - MATCH/NO MATCH/ACCEPT REFER etc., in order to make your recruitment decision.

















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