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Reprint my DBS certificate


It must be understood that no external company prints Disclosure certificates. The DBS in Liverpool is a government facility, similar to the Passport office or DVLA, who can only print their own documents.


This is sent directly to the applicant from the DBS at the address as input on the system. The applicant is notified throughout the process as to who to contact and what to do if the certificate does not arrive.


The address cannot be changed which is why it is vital for this to be correct at the submission stage. If the applicant has moved during the DBS process, he/she will not receive their copy and must make arrangements for re-direction. They are also notified of this automatically from the outset and when the result is notified to us.

The applicant can call the DBS - 03000 200190  for a reprint - within 90 days from the date of issue.


OR - use the DBS reprint email facility -

2016-01-20 16:59 Jackie Thompson {writeRevision}
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