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  • Site Issues: What is an ID check?
    Answer: The ID check will confirm the address of the applicant, any linked addresses, financial history including CCJs, backruptcy, sanctions registers.   Documents are not required but you ...
  • Site Issues: Reprint my DBS certificate
    Answer:   It must be understood that no external company prints Disclosure certificates. The DBS in Liverpool is a government facility, similar to the Passport office or ...
  • Site Issues: Spelling error on DBS certificate or submission
    Answer: When the DBS check is submitted, the data must be accurate and validated with the ID documentation provided. No changes can be made as it ...
  • Site Issues: I did not receive my login email
    Answer: Login details in order to access the Civil & Corporate System are sent immediately to the email address as input from the agency.   Please check spam/junk.   The ...
  • Site Issues: List 99
    Answer: You have to 'add candidate' as usual, input minimal detail e.g. cover the current address for a full 5 years and press ROUTE 3 (click ...
  • Site Issues: How do candidates complete the online application form for DBS by themselves
    Answer: You have to - ADD CANDIDATE as usual and input the very brief personal details required for identification when the applicant logs in.   At the bottom ...
  • Site Issues: DBS Identity checking guidelines
    Answer:   v.12 September 2013 1 Identification checking guidelines Contents   Revised and enhanced identification checking process Identification checking process List of valid identity documents External validation service What if the applicant has been ...
    Answer: ID / AML Search Report      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------       AAAAAAAAAA     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     Input Details Name:    AAAAAAAAAA Current Address:    AAAAAAAAAA Date of Birth:    AAAAAAAAAA Search Type:  ProveID KYC Telephone No.:  Telephone No. Not Entered  Your Ref. No.:  375131 Alias:  None ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Search Details   Search Date:  27 October 2016 Search ID:  34BCFB0E-600A-4147-9BAE-B310D4F83E90 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Report Summary   Telephony:  - ...
  • Site Issues: What ID do I need to provide for a DBS check
    Answer: The person going through a DBS check - ‘the applicant’ - must give their employer original documents proving their identity. The documents needed will depend ...
  • Site Issues: CARE OF ADDRESS
    Answer: The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 states the applicant must receive their certificate at their UK home address.   The office address can only be used as ...

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