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  • Site Issues: How do I make a card payment?
    Answer: Clients need to press on the CARD PAYMENT icon on the left hand pane and CREATE AGREEMENT. If your card has expired, been lost or ...
  • Site Issues: How do we know whether we have to register an applicant with the PVG scheme
    Answer: If the applicant has already performed a PVG scheme record, they will have been provided with a PVG number on the certificate.   This is the number ...
  • Site Issues: Applicant did not receive login - how to resend?
    Answer: Go to USERS.   In ACTIVATED USERS, select the orange INFO box next to their name.   At the top right hand side there will be a link to ...
    Answer: The new DBS Online Update service gives agencies and individual choices.   The purpose is that individuals have complete control of their personal information and they will ...
  • Site Issues: PASSPORT SCAN
    Answer: Using the PASSPORT SCAN facility enables full authentication of passports, driving licences and ID cards from any country.   Civil & Corporate Security Ltd is the fist ...

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